Latest Shark Accidents

Thursday, November 22, Sinaloa, Mexico

The young lifeguard was rescued by his compañeros but died of the wounds in the hospital.

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Tuesday, October 30, off Eureka, California, USA

Scott Stephens, 25 years old, was surfing about 400 m from shore at the 'Bunkers,' at the North Jetty Humbold Bay.

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Tuesday, October 23, off Lompoc, California, USA

Francisco Javier Solorio, 39 years old, got killed by a white shark when surfing off the beaches at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

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Monday, September 24, Brevard County, USA

Within 24 hours 2 surfers were bitten at the beaches of Brevard County, Brandon Murray and Brandon Taylor. Both received minor lacerations, foot and forearm.

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Thursday, September 6, St. Augustine Beach, Florida

Andrew Birchall was surfing when a shark bit him. Although the bite was minor (3 rows of teeth marks) the case is still remarkable because when his lower leg was X-rayed a tooth was found.

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Tuesday, August 28, Red Bluff, Australia

Jon Hines was surfing when he has bitten by a shark. Witnesses commented that they saw how Jon was fighting the shark off with his bare hands, and in the process sustained lacerations to arm and abdomen.

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Wednesday, August 15, Gulf Shores, USA

The leg of a German tourist was injured by a shark when he was standing in waist deep water, at Gulf Shores, Alabama. The injury consisted of a 3 to 4 inch gash (10-12 cm). The person got stitches at a local hospital.

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Wednesday, August 8, Key Largo, USA

Little damage to the left hand were caused by a small lemon shark (1-1.5m) when David Lowe, 56 years old, was freediving in Key Largo, Florida.

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Sunday, August 5, Saint Leu, La Reunion

This latest incident occurred within a reserve, were an unknown man was surfing when a shark bit his right foot and hand.

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Tuesday, July 31, Streaky Bay, South Australia, Australia

John Campion was surfing when he got dragged under by a shark. Despite Campion’s severe wounds on the torson and his arm, he was able to paddle back to shore.

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Further incidents

Or further incidents which we have compiled for you.

June 7, 2015, Cocoa Beach, Florida

A 10 year old boy got bitten in chest deep water on Cocoa Beach, Florida. Due to the severity of the calf wound, the boy was airlifted to a trauma center in Orlando. It was assumed to be juvenile bull shark.

May 15, 2015, Sullivan's island, South Carolina, USA:

A 30-year old man was bitten by a 6 ft (around 2m) shark and suffered injuries to his foot while swimming at Sullivan's island. Some witnesses described the shark looking like a sandtiger (Carcharias taurus). Source:

May 7, 2015, Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA:

Josh Green was swimming mid afternoon when an  shark bit him. Hie showed lacerations to the lower leg, ankle and foot. The species was not identified. Source: