Latest Shark Accidents

Wednesday, August 8, Key Largo, USA

Little damage to the left hand were caused by a small lemon shark (1-1.5m) when David Lowe, 56 years old, was freediving in Key Largo, Florida.

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Sunday, August 5, Saint Leu, La Reunion

This latest incident occurred within a reserve, were an unknown man was surfing when a shark bit his right foot and hand.

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Tuesday, July 31, Streaky Bay, South Australia, Australia

John Campion was surfing when he got dragged under by a shark. Despite Campion’s severe wounds on the torson and his arm, he was able to paddle back to shore.

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Monday, July 30, Mahaulepu Beach, Hawaii, USA

Steve Stotts was surfing around 16h00 in chest deep water with his wife about 30m off Mahaulepu beach when a shark clamped down on his left foot. Stotts observed a seal prior to the incident.

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Monday, July 30, Ballston Beach, Massachusetts, USA

Chris Myers and his son tried to reach a sandbar during some body surfing, when Chris got bitten by a shark. After the incident Chris was able to swim the 400-500 yards back to shore without help.

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Monday, July 23, Trois Bassins, La Reunion

Alexandre Rassica died from a shark attack while surfing off La Reunion. The shark severed one of his legs and although fellow surfers brought him back to the beach right away, by the time paramedics arrived, Alexandre had entered cardiac arrest.

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Saturday, July 14, Wedge Island, Western Australia

Benjamin Charles Linden, 24-year-old, was surfing when he was killed by a white shark. A witness - Matt Holmes - was jet skiing close by and tried to grab the body of Benjamin. While attempting to rescue the victim, the shark allegedly tried to throw him off.

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Tuesday, June 26, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Sage St. Clair and 16-year old female sufferered a laceation to her left calf when she got bitten by a small shark when sitting in the water.

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Tuesday, June 26, Florida, USA

Nickolaus Bieber, 6-years old, was swimming when he got bitten in his thigh, resulting in a big gash.

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