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A database on shark accidents is built on the pain, suffering and trauma of victims, and every victim and non-victim should be able to access it.

SAVN, together with GSAF, maintains the largest free searchable internet database.

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Species responsible for incidents/accidents

The following description are partially taken from the book “Shark-Human Interaction, Situations-Findings-Recommendations” by Erich K Ritter, PhD. Should you like to use some of theses comments publicly or commercially, please give credit to E K RItter (EKR), SAVN / SERC. Neither EKR, SAVN, SERC or its parents are responsible for any comments made. More species will be added, however 99% of all the yearly cases are caused by less than a dozen species.

Note: Should you need information of species that have not been uploaded yet, contact Erich.

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Discussion Board

This section deals with all aspects of shark accidents: from assumptions, forensic analysis and interpretation to behavior of commonly involved species, incidents statistics, geographical areas or how to deal with some of these animals. Members are encouraged to make their position and opinion heard. New topics will be add periodically.

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