No shark accident victim should face the challenge
of living with a bite trauma alone.
We help where others can't - because we have been there!

About SAVN

The Shark Accident Victim Network (SAVN) is a non-for-profit, worldwide operating organization. SAVN acts as a helping hand for victims during every step on their way to recovery, looks for mentors, disseminates recommendations for liveguards, surfers, swimmers, etc.

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Our Mission

SAVN offers a range of activities to help victims deal with their trauma. SAVN offers e.g., personal communication with fellow victims, support to understand the incident and the involved trauma, answer all the question a victim might have, help to move on...

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Data & Stats

A database on shark accidents is built on the pain, suffering and trauma of victims, and every victim and non-victim should be able to access it. SAVN, together with GSAF, maintains the largest free searchable internet database.

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