As you are aware, the media is full of stories about shark "attacks." It tells you what to do, what not to do, what to be aware off etc. etc. when a shark moves in or is even interested in you.

But as much as such information is available, nearly as many errors are spread as well. The main problem is that hardly any of the people writing and/or talking about applied shark behavior have ever been in a situation that led to an incident, and hence the “why it happens” and “what to do” is mostly unsubstantiated guesswork.

SAVN talks and presentations revolve around planned and executed real-life interaction scenarios between sharks and humans (recorded by video, foto and through forensic analysis of wounds and object damages, e.g. surfboards) to debunk the so called “facts” in critical situations.

SAVN research believes in an applied approach to understand animals, hence conducts and supports the respective field work and research for specific activities and related questions, appropriate rescue procedures...

Every SAVN talk is tailored to the request of the hosting organization / interest group etc. and its main activity (e.g. surfing, diving, swimming). Should you feel such a talk could be helpful in and for your community, your lifeguard section, fire rescue and others contact the office: