About SAVN


The Shark Accident Victim Network (SAVN) is a non-for-profit, worldwide operating organization. SAVN acts as a helping hand for victims during every step on their way to recovery, looks for mentors (victims of same age with a comparable wound who function as soundboards for new victims), disseminates recommendations for liveguards, surfers, swimmers, etc., offers related workshops, supports applied shark-human interaction research with special emphasis on accident analysis and reconstruction, and much more.

In collaboration with the Global Shark Attack File (GSAF) SAVN maintains one of the largest shark accident databases on the Internet with about 4,000 freely searchable shark accidents.

No shark accident victim should face the challenge of living with a bite trauma alone.

One of the main hurdles a victim  has to take is adapting his / her life to the handicap... and some of the hurdles can be huge. How to tackle these hurdles, how to get beyond them, how to start living again, how to deal with the depression, frustration, anxiety... ?

If you have a difficult time to understand the many emotions you are going through, we can help. As fellow victims of a shark bite, we understand the fear, the hurt, and the anger you are feeling.

We have learnt to live with the outcome, learnt to deal with the trauma and have accepted what happened to us. Contact us, we can help you too.