Our Mission

SAVN offers a range of activities to help victims deal with their trauma. SAVN offers e.g., personal communication with fellow victims, support to understand the incident and the involved trauma, answer all the question a victim might have, help to move on...

But SAVN does not just offer help when "it" happened, it is also involved in preventing incidents by not just offering an arraw of workshops, seminars and talks for swimmer, surfers, divers, rescue personal but likewise conducts its own  research on incident prevention and evaluating factors that can lead to accidents. This type of research is paramount to understand the rather complex shark-human interaction.

We help where others can't - because we have been there!

SAVN offers:

  • Immediate soundboard for the victim to help with all the problems ahead
  • Help family members to deal with the incident, and answer their questions
  • Meetings with other victims
  • Finding a mentor (a fellow victim) of similar age and injury
  • Professional accident and bite analysis
  • Help to locate pro bono psychologists and psychiatrists, when necessary

SAVN offers behavioral therapy:

  • How to move on with life
  • How to deal with all the emotions
  • How to get back in the water without fear