Dear Victim

Having been bitten by a shark can and likely is a very traumatic incident, even more so if permanent damage has been done changing one's life forever.

But even "minor" incidents can leave their marks. All of us victims know this road all to well. Sometimes one feels betrayed, sees it unfair, asks "why me," wishes nothing more than not having been there at tha very moment... But it nothing makes it unhappen, forgotten, erased.. it will be there, and the only thing that can be done is acceptance and to move on.

But how long does it take to accept and move on?

Some victims move on within months or even weeks, others takes years... no one knows how long it takes but one thing is for sure: help it out there and all of us know that each day needs to be lived to the fullest. None of us will ever forget this tragic moment that changed our lives but each found his or her own way to deal with it... SAVN is here to help every new victims, or families how to deal with the loss, the damage, the grief...